Death Wish V: The Face of Death0.0

别名:猛龙怪客 5/

剧情 动作 惊悚 犯罪 美国 1994年

导演:Allan A. Goldstein 状态:高清版

主演:查尔斯·布朗森 莱斯利-安·唐恩

更新时间:2015-02-13 09:02:40


Allan A. Goldstein导演在1994年拍摄由查尔斯·布朗森,莱斯利-安·唐恩主演的美国动作片《Death Wish V: The Face of Death》又叫《猛龙怪客 5》

New York's garment district has turns into Dodge City when mobster Tommy O'Shea muscles in on the fashion trade of his ex-wife Olivia Regent. Olivia is engaged to Paul Kersey, who provides a sense of security for herself and her daughter Chelsea. Olivia isn't impressed when Tommy tortures her manager, Big Al, so Tommy hires an enforcer named Freddie Flakes, who is a master of disguise. Freddie dons women's clothing to follow Olivia into a ladies' room, where he smashes her face into a mirror, causing permanent disfigurement. In the offices of D.A. Tony Hoyle and his associate Hector Vasquez, Paul and Olivia vow to see to it that Tommy is prosecuted. Later, Freddie and two of his men disguise themselves as cops, infiltrate Olivia's apartment, and shoot Olivia dead. Now Kersey is ready to take things into his own hands. Kersey follows Tommy's thug Chickie Paconi to the Paconi family bistro, where Kersey kills Chickie by lacing his cannelloni with cyanide. Next, Paul tricks Freddie out of his fortress-like home and blows him up with a rigged ball. After dispatching the corrupt Hector Vasquez with a gun concealed in a doll, Kersey discovers that D.A. Hoyle is in cahoots with Tommy. Using Chelsea as bait, Tommy lures Paul to Olivia's factory for a confrontation.

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